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New Shop : African Oasis

We are proud to announce the opening of our new online shop called African Oasis.
With its new design and elevated user experience, this next step in our evolution is only the begining...

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One .500 Nitro Express from Krieghoff and one .416 Rigby

Krieghoff.500 Nitro Express.416 Rigby


  • You sign up to African Hunting Gazette for 3 years - you're in the draw
  • Extend your AHG Subscription for 3 years - you're in the draw
  • You sign up a buddy to AHG for 3 years - you AND your buddy are in the draw


    Read the stories by Professional Hunters of Africa. Purchase the hard cover book for only $80 and you are in the draw.



The draw will take place on Christmas Day!

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New Shop : African Oasis

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