We are excited to bring in a revamp to our online initiatives in 2014 and have structured this site to be practical, informative and hopefully, really helpful. The African Hunting Gazette’s readers are well travelled international hunters with a passion for Africa and we believe have the capacity to look at what we offer with a critical eye and give constructive suggestions. So, to help us help you, please give us any suggestions as we continue to bring you the very best of hunting in Africa.





An introduction to hunting
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The Elephant and the Pauper


The dove bow






Articles and publishing

Have you ever wondered why some PH’s or businessmen become famous while others who may be better hunters remain unknown? It is all about effective promotion and that is within every outfitter and PH’s reach. The famous PH’s are not just good hunters, they are excellent marketers too. That is the crucial difference and one with which the African Hunting Gazette can assist you.

How do trophy hunters develop admiration and awe for great hunters? They read about them and that converts to word of mouth tales and so legends are born and built. Famous hunters of the past who did just that include Bell, Capstick, Manners, Selous, Taylor and others.

You can easily join this League of Legends! The famous present-day hunters are submitting hunting accounts and inspire their clients to do the same. The names you know today are the names you read and hear about.



It costs nothing to regularly submit articles and build your brand. In fact you get editorial assistance and paid for doing so!

There simply is no better, easier or cheaper form of marketing. The African Hunting Gazette reaches the top trophy hunters in the world – your potential clients – man of whom may not yet know about you, because your and your client’s exploits never appear in print. Don’t worry about your grammar and spelling. We will handle that for you. You have good stories – just get them told and yourself known by submitting them to the African hunting Gazette.



A book about your hunting exploits and the fun you and your clients had is a great way to share the joys of a professional hunting career. There is money in that too for you and your successors. If you have expertise to share – that can be turned into a good book too. Look how well books about safari planning, shot placement and tracking sell.


At the African Hunting Gazette we now offer a publishing service. We have already published three of the greatest books ever for hunters and your book can join them:

  1. African Dangerous Game Cartridges by Pierre van der Walt
  2. Game Animals of the World by Chris and Tilde Stuart
  3. The Best of the African Hunting Gazette edited by Brooke ChilversLubin