African Hunting Gazette - Additional Stories

Title Published Date Author Hits
Buffalo Hunt in the Wild Heart of Africa 2014-09-11 Written by Dr. James Pfeiff 1126
James Keeline’s The Last of Many Hunts 2014-05-20 Written by James Keeline 1208
The Old Man and the Young One in Africa 2014-05-20 Written by Clayton Davis 1058
The Fourth Time Around 2013-07-25 Written by Folmar, Edward 1675
Am I Dreaming ? 2013-07-25 Written by van Hilten, André 1654
Safari In The Limpopo Province 2013-07-25 Written by Stoppelman, Scott 2032
In the Zone 2013-06-27 Written by Price, Dean 1132
Talking Drums and Bongo Hunting from the book Campfire Tales 2012-09-13 Written by Rohwer, Rolf 1124
Crossroads for Adventure 2012-09-13 Written by Haag, Rodger 1102
White Rhinoceros – The Last Rung in My Big–Five Ladder 2012-06-27 Written by Greenfield, Joseph C. (Jr) 1112
Last Chapter: Ninety Miles of Gravel 2012-06-27 Written by Powell, Richard 1066
I'd Druther Be Coddled - Chapter I 2012-05-07 Written by Powell, Richard 1153
In Response to a Story About Animal Rightists Protesting Leather 2012-05-07 Written by Thomson, Ron 926
Two Namibian Women Win the WFSA Ambassador Award 2011 2011-12-21 Written by ... 908
Hunting Caracal with Hounds in the Eastern Cape 2011-12-21 Written by Price, Don (PH) 1292
A Letter On Safari Hunting 2011-12-21 Written by ... 1316
Mozambique 101 2011-12-07 Written by Askew, Nathan (PH) 1272
The Common Zebra is an Uncommon Mammal 2011-11-04 Written by Estes, Richard D 997

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